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New knowledge Journal of science objective is to outline the problems and perspectives in current research, giving reccomendations for practice and new knowledge for science, business, non-governmental organizations, state and local authorities and to provide opportunities for information and knowledge exchange of relevant experts, researchers and institutions to fostering international cooperation and new initiatives.

The topics fall in the following main sections: economics, entrepreneurship and management, agribusiness, tourism, food quality and safety, environmental protection and management, information system and technology, etc.

The accent is on sustainable development, green economy,and information and communication technology.


New knowledge Journal of science is an edition of science and education which is released four times a year. The journal publishes results of scientific research activities and experiments in the sphere of agribusiness, regional development, innovation technologies, etc.

Scientific articles / papers, surveys, reviews, informations, comments, reports, etc. are accepted.

Scientific survey papers should treat pressing questions and problems and contain comparative analyses in the topic of investigation.

Short scienfitic notices (up to 3 pages) report only original contributions and scientific results.

The authors hold the copyright without restrictions.

The journal is double-blind peer reviewed.


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