Evgeniy Stoyanov


This monograph is engaged in one of the main problem areas in search of theory and practice of accountability and sound financial management at the beginning of the XXI century is the realization of effective audit. The generally described processes of development of the problem area, which highlight the problems of modern auditing, resemble the basis for the actuality of the topic of the monograph. In narrow terms it was justified by the need for inclusion of Bulgarian research and practice into the leading trends in the development of accounting and auditing. Amid the achievements of Bulgarian researchers in the fields of control theory, in particular the the theoretical of financial control and audit as reflected in the works of At. Atanasov, M. Dineff, O. Simeonov, B. Slavkov, L. Hristova, D. Petrova, I. Tomov, D. Ivanov, V. Bozhkov, Ant. Svrakov and others, this monograph is an attempt in analysing the significant changes occurring in the financial control in general, and particular in recent years, particularly in the field of administrative development and primarily in institutional improvement.

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