Zlatka Kushelieva


The development of the process of globalization during the transition period from the 20th to the 21st century imposed a new socio-political and cultural differentiation. Countries are no longer isolated, they are no longer autonomous in the satisfaction of their political interests. They are interconnected and interdependent. In addition, it has moved from a bipolar to multipolar world system. The European Union has a special role to play in it. It is the only regional organization that not only preserves but also expands. It also guarantees citizens peace, freedom, high quality of life, which creates a particular appeal to the world's society. Naturally, he has also been subject to crises, such as the debt crisis, UK leaving and the temporary successes of national anti-European parties and movements. Resisting these crises enables him to achieve a higher degree of integration, relying on the solidarity of member states and citizens of the Union, uniting all European countries and peoples from the Atlantic to the Pacific, including Russia.


multipolar world, Europe, European Union, solidarity, integration

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