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In a globalizing world various relationships arise between counterparties on trade deals with various goods. Some of them are linked to the free trade in the European Union, while others are performed with countries outside the Union. Due to the dynamic world-economic processes it is necessary to constantly update the knowledge related to the transactions of import and export of goods, such as clarifying the requirements of the VAT Act in the Republic of Bulgaria - to characterize the peculiarities of accounting the export with zero tax rate; the import with VAT payment; formation of the customs taxable value, to clarify the changes in customs tracking the movement of goods through the various systems; documenting and specifics in accounting.


import, export, reporting currency, invoice

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Mezhdunaroden schetovoden standart 21 Efekti ot promeni v obmennite kursove.

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Schetovoden standart 21 Efekti ot promenite vav valutnite kursove.


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