Krasimir Davchev


As a philosophy, theory, concept and practice marketing is immanently linked with the market economy. Like any development in this area also appeared manifest contradictions that arise from the practice of applying the tools of marketing. On the one hand, this is influenced by the fact that the basic concepts of marketing are born primarily among academics that naturally based their work on the basis of research into changes in the socio-economic reality. But on the other hand is the issue with the practical application of these concepts. Not all companies have the resource, and hence wish to implement in practice all methods, forms and means of marketing theory. This can be achieved only the largest and most powerful financial perspective companies. On the third hand, the fact that the main objective of economic operators in a market environment is profit which gives for practical application of the forms, methods and rules of marketing that applied unfair treatment of consumers, whether individual or corporate. Political pressure for upward economic growth amid the limited natural resources and constantly growing population in the world relative to the need for ever higher profits is the breeding ground for the application of sometimes immoral, socially irresponsible and unfair practices in the end point the reproduction process particularly in the exchange of promotions and sales.

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