Bogdan Bonchev


The purpose of the present study is to determine the effect of sowing period on morphological markers of common winter wheat varieties and the relationship with the elements of seed production, in conditions of climate change.

The first year of the survey is more rainy. The second year is characterized by a lack of rainfall during the winter, early spring drought and high summer average monthly temperatures. In June 2019 nature of rainfall was a natural disaster.

Vegetable material for the study is the cultivars of common winter wheat Pobeda and Boryаna. The following analyzes were performed: variation analysis, indicator of accuracy, analysis of the variance of the studied traits, the power of influence of the factors was calculated, correlation analysis, multiple step regression analysis and homogeneity test of cultivars.

The density of the spike, the weight of 1000 grains and length of spike is found to have a large error in the analysis of variance. In terms of sowing in January surveyed signs are not self-sufficient to identify the cultivar and should be monitored complex. Performing any maintenance of the tested cultivars common winter wheat under conditions of sowing in January is not recommended.


wheat cultivars, seed yield, sowing in Jenuary, morphological markers

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