Zlatka Grigorova


Development of new products is a typical task in the tourism planning process. New trends are increasingly focusing on products related to empathy with nature, health and well-being. The main reasons for this emerging demand are the changing working conditions, stress, aging of the population and the imposition of a feeling of isolation from nature and contact with it in many people. One of the important goals of the INSiGHTS project is the development of new tourist products based on the natural and cultural heritage in support of a healthy lifestyle in the tourist destination of Plovdiv.

This article presents one of the four developed routes under the project that pass along the Maritsa River and are intended for Bulgarian and foreign individual tourists; for small groups of 2 to 10 people (families, colleagues, good friends who want to share their free time). The aim is sustainable use of natural and cultural heritage of Plovdiv in preserving and improving the diversity of tourist resources to make it a destination for healthy and slow tourism, which is an integral part of the strategic development of the region with a balanced and sustainable economy, a high standard of living and a restored, preserved and healthy living environment.


city route, cycling, slow tourism, sustainable economy

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