Krasimir Asenov


Undoubtedly, the human population faces serious existential problems that threaten its biological existence. It is inevitable that a large part of the planet's inhabitants feel that the world we know as political, economic, cultural, social, etc. realities is subject to strong and irreversible erosion. The new reality imposes not only new rules of the global game, but also forms global political and economic tectonics, which mercilessly shifts the pieces of the world "chessboard" and, as a result, positions billions of human beings on the edge of purely physical survival. The huge rift that is forming between the State and its citizens globally, between global capital and wage labor, between humanism and transhumanism, between the Anglo-Saxon world, dominating the planet for centuries, on the one hand, and on the other, those seeking change, demanding the signing of a new The global Magna Carta, a new deal for the redistribution of the world, is carried over to the local level. Social collisions, the destruction of the architecture of millennia-old traditional cultures, the promotion of mediocrity as a model for exemplary citizenship, the deliberate killing of the middle class - the main pillar of civil society, the generation and dissemination of huge flows of useless and low-value information (disinformation) that irretrievably displaces, buries and buries the little remaining living History - these are only part of the new phenomena building the silhouette of our New Reality.


anthropogenesis, anthropogenic factor, over-urbanization


Asenov, K. 2021. Otvad Oykumena. Globalnoto geto. IK „Studio 18“ – Plovdiv.

Asenov, K. Globalnoto geto – urbanistichna hipertrofiya. Realii i fiktsii. BAN, „Problemi na geografiyata“, 2019, br. 3-4, Sofiya.


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