Zlatka Grigorova


The study includes an analysis of the situation, trends and prospects for the development of apitourism (honeybee tourism) as unconventional and attractive specialized type of tourism supporting farmers through non-agricultural practices. The report presents the resource base (traditions, state, production and marketing of honey), the attractions (beehives, apiaries, museums, etc.) and their localization, as well as the utilization of honeybee products in SPA and Wellness services. For the purposes of the analysis statistical data has been retrieved from the National Statistics Institute, Ministry of Agriculture and Food, beekeepers‘ associations, processors and traders of honey and bee products, Ministry of Tourism and tourism industry organizations. The study aims to assist companies and individuals in the field of agribusiness and apitourism for the realization of honeybee products and services.


apitourism, honeybee tourism, honey and bee products, resource base and attractions


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