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Health legislation is a set of legal norms regulating relationships in society on health issues and the organization of the health care system and one of the elements of the health policy toolkit for managing health care processes. From the point of view of the subject and the method of legal regulation, medical or health law is a set of legal norms that, with the authoritarian method, regulate health relations related to the management, control and financing of health care and the status of state authorities and providers of medical services, and with the method of equality regulates relations related to voluntary health insurance, health insurance and contracts for the provision of medical services.


health system, health law, health legislation


Constitution of the Republic of Bulgaria

Dimitrov, I. 2020. Health Care Management. Ethical aspects. Intel Design Ltd., Plovdiv 2020, ISBN 978-619-7178-17-3, 138 pages.

Health law

Law on medical facilities


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