Vinelina Yankova, Dima Markova


Cucumbers are infested by a large number of pests as the cotton aphid (Aphis gossypii Glover) is observed during the growing season of the crop. In our country this pest occurs in three color aberrations lutea (yellow), viridula (green) and obscura (matt green almost black). The aim of the study was to monitor the changes of aberrations in the cultivation of cucumbers in unheated greenhouses. Тhe trials were conducted during the period 2013-2014 at the „Maritsa” Vegetable Crops Research Institute, Plovdiv with cucumber variety Kiara. The results show that the development of aberrations of cotton aphid is related to temperature conditions. The yellow aberration develops in July-August, it has gradually shifted from green aberration. These forms occured in cucumbers during the period with higher temperatures. The black aberration of cotton aphid dominates within the population in end of September by lowering the temperature during the fall period.

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