Katya Uzundzhalieva


Gazania splendens L. is annual plant from Asteraceae. The origin is South Africa, where it can be found as a wild plant. In our country it is introduced during the last 10 years. The aim of the current study is to establish the morphological and phenological requirements of G. splendens with the view of its ornamental quality. The study is carried out in the experimental field of the IPGR – Sadovo during 2010-2012. A biometrical measurement of 12 accessions has been made. From each accession are measured 20 plants. Phenological observations, ampleness and productivity are observed. As a result of the study the can be made the conclusions that Gazania splendens demonstrates stable morphological characters, and thus it is very suitable for ornamental purposes.There is simultaneity in the development of plants, almost simultaneously germination and flowering, as well as relatively long flowering and growing season. Ampleness and productivity of flowering in annual flowers are one of the most important indices that define their ornamental value. These indices show stable and steadily increasing during the vegetation period.

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