Ilknur Ak, Gulen Turker


In this study, aqueous extracts of five seaweeds collected from Çanakkale, Turkey were studied for free radical scavenging activity and phenolic compounds. The extracts of two brown algae (Cystoseira barbata, Scytosiphon lomentaria), two green algae (Ulva rigida, Enteromorpha intestinalis) and one red algae (Gigartina acicularis) were prepared with boiling. The extract of S. lomentaria demonstrated greater antioxidant potential with a low IC50 (2,67 mg/g Ext.). It was also determined that the free radical scavenging activity of other seaweed extracts were close to this value. The total phenolics, flavonoids and carotenoids of the aqueous extracts ranged from 0,10 (G. acicularis) to 0,66 (C. barbata) mg/g Ext., 1,15 (S. lomentaria) to 1,30 (E. intestinalis) mg/g Ext. and 414,2 (U. rigida) to 2194,5 µg/g Ext. (C. barbata) mg/g, respectively. It was determined that seaweeds collected from Çanakkale exhibited high free radical scavenging capacity. We also found that, the aqueous extracts of brown algae C. barbata had high amounts of phenolic compound. According to our results, aqueous seaweed extracts could be use as organic fertilizers to increase antioxidant levels of agriculture products.


seaweed, extraction, scavenging activity, phenolic compounds, organic fertilizer.

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