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The misuse of marketing in the food and drink sector is the use of misleading information in advertising and misrepresentation of the product for sales purposes. Various methods are used to mislead the user and they are often not mentioned in the ad. The most common practice is the use of the packaging, and in particular the label, to provide misleading information about the product concerned.

This study examines some of the practices of consumer confidence abuse in food and drink sector, such as technological food and drink supplements, the “no sugar” labels, non-fat products with the “light” label, whose name carries a message of healthier choice, but content is often at odds with this understanding. The concepts of “bio” (organic) and “natural” are considered, the meaning of which is often confused by users, which gives the scope for unfair and misleading commercial communication. Another category described are beverages with large inscriptions “100% natural” and their long-established image of healthy products.

For the successful realization of a product in the interest of the producers is the observance and the surveillance of ethical norms and transparency in their marketing strategy and commercial communication in accordance with all the norms of the public health. In order to achieve these goals, it is necessary to apply complex practices through legislative measures, self-regulation, national policy for better information and, last but not least, awareness of the choice of consumers and foodstuffs.


marketing, advertising, label, abuse, food, drink, consumer confidence, health

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