Dimitrinka Krusheva


The goal of the conducted research was to unveil the complex interaction of factors (sowing time, seed rate, fertilization rate) in growing triticale crop, Vihren variety, at the specific conditions of Strandzha Mountain and the impact of such factors on ultimate grain output. For the purpose of the research, we used data collected over a three-year period of field experiments, carried out in the experimental field of the Scientific Center for Agriculture – town of Sredets in the period 2011-2013. The particular object of the study is triticale crop, Vihren variety.

The experiment was conducted on leached cinnamon forest soil, preceding species was coriander, using the block method, in four repetitions, with the size of the experimental plot 25 m2. The following factors were scrutinized in the study: three seed rates: 450 germinatable seeds / m2; 560 germinatable seeds / m2; 700 germinatable seeds / m2, three sowing periods: 1‑5 October; 15-20 October; 1-5 November and four levels of nitrogen fertilization: N0; N6; N10; N14.

Our research revealed that in the conditions of the studied region, triticale crop, Vihren variety achieves the highest yields when sowing is in the period 15-20 October, seed rate is 560 germinatable seeds / m2 and fertilization is with N14 kg/da.


Strandzha Mountain region, triticale, seed rates, sowing period, nitrogen fertilization

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