Bogdan Bonchev


The aim of this study is to establish the influence of the year, genotype and the overall influence of the year and genotype over traits of cultivars. To define also general morphological markers applied both for wheat and triticale. Subject of study was common winter wheat cultivar Gaya 1 and triticale cultivar Rozhen.

In the characteristics of common winter wheat cultivar Gaya 1, the height of the plants, the length of the spike, the weight of the grains of the spike and the weight of 1000 grains, no proven differences by years were found. All studied traits have proven differences during years for triticale cultivar Rozhen. The length of the spike has the least variation for the study period for cultivar Gaya 1 and cultivar Rozhen. The length of the spike indicates a significant influence of genotype. The length of the spike is confirmed as a morphological marker in the studied cultivars Gaya 1 and Rozhen. Meteorological conditions per year have the greatest impact on the number of productive tillers / m2. The interaction between the factors meteorological conditions of the year and genotype is greatest at the density of the spike. The wight of the grains of a spike has a small to medium variation, but is the largest compared to the other studied traits.


morphological markers; cultivars; influence of year and genotype; wheat; triticale, traits

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