Gergana Desheva, Petar Chavdarov


The study was carried out in the experimental field of IPGR-Sadovo during the period 2009-2012. The aim of investigation was to establish the productive capacity of 18 common winter wheat lines and found their resistance to the fusarium head blight - Fusarium culmorum. It was determined that with the shortest length of vegetation period is BGR 824, with the shortest stem are: 284-1-1-2, 521-10, 557-3-1, with the longest spike is 97ВМ0080, with the biggest number of spikelets per spike are BGR 1115, BGR823, with largest thousand grain weight are BGR36339, BGR 36397, BGR 36398. The relatively highest yields were obtained from the lines: BGR 36398, BGR36339, 284-11-1-2. All these lines certainly of interest to plant breeding and could be included in selection program. Resistant lines to the agent of the fusarium head blight (Fusarium culmorum) in the studied wheat genotypes are not found.

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