Figen Sevinc, Tülay Guzel


Each day the number of individuals is increasing which wishes for sports, challenges, nature, and wetland that increases the individual's recreative activities. It is seen that -especially- sailing organizations are getting more attention and also there have been so many competitions that are getting scheduled recently. In this study, it is researched how the individuals approach sailing and how the sailing affects their lives who participated in the sailing organizations in Çanakkale, Bozcaada. According to those purposes, an interview was set up with the 13 sailors who participated to the 2019 Naval Forces Cup Sailing Competition which took place in Bozcaada. As a result of the interview, it is observed that sailing takes very important role in individuals life that helps them to socialize, let them challenge the nature and to overcome the issues in their life.


Sailing, tourism, recreation, leisure, life satisfaction.

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