Valentina Marinova, Maria Marinova


The analytical study was carried out mainly on the basis of a cabinet study of the available information, collection and processing of information (including from public and other accessible sources, including public registers) about the potential and opportunities for the development of rural tourism in the territory of the local action group (LAG) Tutrakan and Slivo Pole and analyzing documentary sources on the topic. It is not subject to a pre-set framework and method but depends entirely on the nature of the documents available. This study / study uses the so-called. secondary analysis of empirical data and content analysis (content analysis) of the open documents that were used in the study. As part of the study, a database was created with territory characteristics relating to the potential and opportunities for rural tourism development.The methods of analysis used are mainly dictated by the information available. In support of the study, the municipalities of Tutrakan and Slivo Pole provided information on accommodation, the number of nights spent and more. Useful information.Valorisation and preservation of the natural and cultural-historical heritage in the territory, aimed at engaging the local population in initiatives for raising awareness and conducting events for the study, preservation and promotion of the cultural-historical and natural heritage and making it an attractive attraction source and the prosperity of the territory.Indirectly, the aim is to build partnerships between business, the civil sector and the municipality, in the development of initiatives, in support of tourism development. The restoration and maintenance of churches and temples, as well as investments to improve tourist infrastructure, attractions and facilities for visitors, will also contribute to the achievement of this goal.


local action group, rural tourism, potential, opportunities, research, business, analysis, options, product

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Informatsiya ot statii na Asotsiatsiyata na balgarskite sela.

Balgarskata asotsiatsiya za alternativen turizam (BAAT).

Strategiya za ustoychivo razvitie na turizma v Balgariya 2014-2030.

Statii ot http://ruraltourismarticles.weebly.com.

Plan za razvitie na obshtina Tutrakan za perioda 2014 – 2020.

Plan za razvitie na obshtina Slivo pole za perioda 2014 – 2020.

Analizi, izgotveni za nuzhdite na MIG.

Virtualen muzey – Tutrakan.

Kulturen kalendar za 2018 g. Oblast Silistra.

Statii ot //www.sabori.bg/.

Statii ot http://gts-map.org.

Informatsiya ot http://ruralbalkans.com.

Natsionalen turisticheski registar- Registar na mestata za nastanyavane, zavedeniyata za hranene i razvlecheniya, turoperatori i turisticheski agenti, turisticheski sdruzheniya.


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