Sevdalina Dimitrova


In the modern dynamically changing business environment, influenced by globalization processes, neoliberalism in all spheres of public life, geopolitical and geostrategic changes, the pandemic situation provoked by COVID-19 worldwide, accompanied by lockdown, impending economic crisis and it’s negative effects, unpredictability of risks and threats, business - primarily small and medium - is facing a number of challenges. Moreover, the anti-epidemic measures that have lasted over the last year and the prolonged lockdown have put small and medium-sized enterprises in the dilemma of survival. A number of activities, especially those in the field of tourism and trade, are placed in conditions of inability to function, others are performed on a limited scale. Even some large companies are beginning to experience difficulties of a different nature. All of them suffer from the effects of dominoes, especially those economic entities that have ancillary and related industries and activities, which are deprived of resources, bringing future economic benefits. And all this with rising unemployment, budget deficit and the hidden, for now, effects on economic growth, gross domestic product, revenue and expenditure policy, which undoubtedly has an impact on the budget and debt policy of the countries. The negative effects of these effects are expected in the near future, the degree of impact of which is determined by the degree of economic crisis that is looming over the world.

In the context of the challenges of the modern business environment, the constant contradiction between the growing demands and limited resources (material, financial, human and information) is deepening. This is the reason to look for strategic solutions for business survival and development, adequate to the changes of the modern business environment - dynamic and variable. And this means addressing the basic questions of management theory and practice, known as the questions - what, how much, how, when, who, united by the control question "why".

In other words, looking for the answer to these questions, we focus on the strategic approach in making decisions for effective management of business structures, adequate to changes in the business environment, often unexpected and unpredictable, which in itself is reflected in the management of resources, in particular information resources with an emphasis on the accounting information resource.

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