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The experiment was carried out in the experimental field of the Institute of Plant Genetic Resources - Sadovo with common winter cultivar Gaya 1. The study covers the period of two vegetation years 2016-2018. The study period is characterized by contrasting conditions, with drought in April. The potential grain yield of Gaya 1 was calculated by modifying the formula of Edwards (2017). The potential grain yield of Gaya 1 is based mainly on the number of productive tillers of m² and the wight of grains in the spike. They have a direct effect of the potential yield. The grain yield from the square meters of cultivar Gaya 1 is formed mainly by the number of productive tillers / m² with a significant direct effect. Negative indirect effect and strong negative correlation are observed between spike density and grain yield, as well as with potential grain yield. Spike length has a strong positive correlation and a large overall indirect effect with potential grain yield. The correlation between the potential grain yield and the grain yield is strongly positive. A proven decrease in grain yield with a similar trend was found in the potential yield in the second year of the study. The main reason for the decrease in grain yield is the decrease in the number of productive tillers / m2.


potential grain yield, grain yield, Gaya 1, variety maintenance, cultivar direct and indirect effects, correlation

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