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Tourism is one of the fastest growing industries in the world, which has extremely diverse impact on the lifestyle of the local population on the one hand and on the other for the modern traveler. At the same time, this modern "phenomenon" plays an important role in the socio-economic and political development of the host country, region or municipality, offering new employment opportunities for the local population and improving the way of life by providing additional income. The development of tourism in a municipality is based on a certain resource base, which consists of a variety of natural and anthropogenic resources, a prerequisite for the development of various alternative types of tourism. Its importance as a form of recreation consists mainly of its potential to be a leading factor in the development of municipalities and in diversifying their economic structure. Tourism has significant effects manifested by positive migratory balance, especially where the tourism industry is leading and is a driver of positive development. For the successful realization of tourism as a leading economic and social factor, it is important to make a real and precise system for its planning and management, adequate human resources competence as well as close cooperation between the public and private sector, legal tourist base, development and the implementation of tourism projects and last but not least, a real development strategy in the relevant municipality.


tourism, tourism development, factors, conditions, region, municipality tourism effects, development

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